We are glad to introduce the best collection of necklaces jewel in the international market. Our designs of jewelry necklaces are exclusive and made of the highest quality materials. A select collection of designer jewel necklaces, ideal for any occasion.


All our collection of jewelry necklaces belongs to the Spanish famous designer Cloti Garcia, her designs of jewelry necklaces have been worn in the best catwalks of fashion along with designs by Francis Montesinos and Agatha Ruiz de la Prada.
Our necklaces and jewelry have been featured on the cover of the best fashion magazines, such as Divinity. Notorious journalists like Nieves Herrero and actresses of the television world, have worn our jewel necklaces already known worldwide. Singers like Mey Green have also worn our necklaces in her concerts.


In our collection of jewelry necklaces, you can also find beautiful and elegant pearl necklaces, such as our necklace Ciclope. A beautiful necklace composed of freshwater cultured pearls of three turns with which you can take your look to a higher level.


In our collection of necklaces for women, you can find different types of necklaces, choker necklace, long necklace, pearl choker necklace and even locket necklace. Pieces of handmade jewelry online, handmade from scratch, exclusive pieces of jewelry with modern and avant-garde designs.


Now you can buy online the most glamorous women's necklaces in the history of jewelry. Beautiful necklaces for women, with exclusive designs, unique and divine. Feel the glamour of the most beautiful and select jewels like a film actress, wearing our beautiful necklaces for women.


The exclusivity of our designs recognized worldwide. Unique design jewels from the international market. Our necklaces for women are the most coveted of the cinematographic actresses.
Now for example, you can buy our stunning rose necklace, worn by the actress Cristina Rodriguez in the tv show called SALVAME of the Spanish television network Telecinco. In addition, if you wish you can have the necklace worn by Patricia Conde in the Coca-Cola spot of the television channel Telecinco. Feel and look like a star!


If you want to look casual and modern, we recommend our beaded necklaces. Our precious Artemis necklace. A handmade necklace with a double turn of stone Aventurine and Czech glass. Spectacular and exclusive jewel, with earth tones, ideal to wear on any occasion.


Another example of our spectacular designs, which is having a lot of success among our customers, is the Mellona Rose quartz necklace. This fabulous necklace is also handmade in its entirety. It’s made of beautiful rose quartz stones in various shades and Czech crystal. Its closure is 18 carat gold, as in the rest of necklaces of our collection.


Many of our pieces of necklaces for women are made of Czech crystal or Bohemian crystal. This crystal is popular worldwide for its beauty and quality. We have combined it in our exclusive necklaces for women with the best natural stones such as quartz, natural pearls or Agate or Onyx. Czech glass or Bohemian crystal gems are also polished by hand. We take care of our creations from the very beginning.


If you are looking for a locket necklace in our online store, you will find this type of necklace as well. We propose you our necklace jewel design called Ana. A pretty shape handmade necklace, like our entire collection of necklaces for women, made with precious white mother-of-pearl, cultured pearl and pendant in the shape of a locket.


In Jewelry Stores, we offer a wide selection of necklaces and jewelry for women. You can also visit our sections of headdresses, bracelets and our special section of artistic design with pieces of handmade jewelry made for films.


New exclusive and original designs in Jewelry Stores. We have incorporated into our exquisite collection of designer necklaces, three new necklace models, and tassel necklaces. Our tassel necklaces have the particularity of not being made like the usual tassel necklaces that you can find online. Our tassel necklaces are jewels of fine materials, long necklaces with a tassel-shaped finish. As an example, our fabulous necklace model Xiam, handcrafted with cultured pearls.

Another option of tassel necklace that you can find here is the elegant Limani necklace model, in shades of garnet and blue sea. Nevertheless, if you like exotic beauty, this summer you will be able to show off our amazing Susit necklace design. Completely made by hand with nacre of the highest quality.