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One of the best natural stones that we love for its color, texture and elegance is Rose Quartz. Creating a Rose Quartz jewelry is very easy because it is a Stone that inspires us full of glamor for its light tones. So, in this post we are going to show you our most...

Turquoise jewelry cleaning and care.

Who doesn't like turquoise stone? Surely we all have a bracelet, ring or necklace in turquoise stone, in this post we will talk about your care, cleaning, properties, chakras ,,,, and we will see some cheap Turquoise jewelry designs. So let's go !!! Real Turquoise...

Agate jewelry cleaning and care

Spectacular exclusive jewels in Piedra Agate, A beauty of Stone for its colors and touch, In our jewelry collection we create elegant designs in precious stones such as Agate, which brings a special beauty. In this post we talk about its cleanliness, care, properties...

As you know, all our the best collections are created with the best real minerals, we do not use resins, so each of our jewels created with minerals has a power, so, in this post we will explain some of our best jewels and their power . power of stones and gems;...


I’m Cloti

The love for nature and the passion to create special jewelery to enhance the beauty of women.

Cloti García Design was born from the hand of its creators; Antonio Domínguez & Cloti, from Andalucía -España -.
All our designs are handmade with the best materials; Cultured pearl, Czech crystal and semiprecious stones, our jewels are made one by one with great delicacy by the designers so that each design is a unique and perfect piece.


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